July 2022

Vendor News—July 2022


Plum Welcomes New Marketing Vice President

Talent assessment platform Plum, the solution that powers objective talent decisions using the predictive power of psychometric data, announced that Jenny Cotie Kangas has joined the company as the Vice President of Marketing. In her new role, Kangas serves as an advisor to HR.com and Paradox. Most recently, she was the Director of Digital Experience Talent Acquisition at Regis Corporation.

“It’s rare for HR tech companies to bring in an outsider to run marketing,” said Jason Putnam, Chief Revenue Officer at Plum. “There’s a strong reliance on trust and known entities—reputation, lingo, and understanding of buyer personas. Jenny combines HR tech marketing expertise with HR practitioner experience. She’s a catalyst, and that’s what Plum needs to move from being the best-kept secret in HR to the most impactful change agent.”

Visit www.plum.io for more information.


Neeyamo Expands Global EOR Services in More Than 150 Countries

Neeyamo, a provider of technology-enabled global payroll solutions to multinational and micro-multinational corporations worldwide, expands its capability to provide global employer of record (EOR) services for more than 150 countries across all major markets.

Neeyamo’s EOR solution offering will enable customers to leverage the local workforce without establishing a separate entity, opening a new office, or a bank account that is otherwise required to facilitate salary payments. Neeyamo will be responsible for the employee’s onboarding, payroll, funds disbursement, and compliance with local tax laws and regulations. In contrast, according to the company, its customers can focus on the employee’s day-to-day tasks.

“As businesses grow and expand, there is a greater demand for a more skilled and adaptable workforce,” said Vivek Khanna, President and Chief Client Partner at Neeyamo. “The increasing demand from our clients prompted us to focus on EOR as a service line progressively. The expansion was seamless thanks to our existing global presence and our expertise in global payroll that presently extends to cover over 180 countries. With clients onboard across all regions, we’re excited to showcase our capability in the EOR space.”

Visit www.neeyamo.com for more information.


WorkForce Software Named Top Company in Report on Global Excellence

WorkForce Software, a global provider of integrated employee experience and workforce management solutions, announced it has been named the top-ranking Champion in the Workforce Management Emotional Footprint Report for the enterprise market by Software Reviews, a division of IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group. According to the report, the top-ranking highlights WorkForce Software’s achievements in delivering high quality solutions and an excellent user experience to their global customers.

The Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) is a result of aggregated emotional response ratings across the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy, and innovation. According to the company, WorkForce Software achieved the highest NEF rating of any vendor, scoring +85 NEF, for being the most trustworthy, respectful, and innovative of all solution providers in the report.

“Being the leader in the Workforce Management Emotional Footprint Report demonstrates that the quality of our solutions and our commitment to our customers resonates with them,” said Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software. “Our customers and software users ranked us No. 1 and there is no better endorsement than that. Together, we will continue to deliver the best modern workforce management solutions available.”

Visit www.workforcesoftware.com for more information.

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