August/September 2022

Catherine Honey Receives GPMI’s 2022 Global Vision Award

By Bryan Kirk

Catherine Honey, who serves as Vice President, Global Alliances, for Neeyamo, was chosen as the Global Payroll Management Institute’s (GPMI) 2022 Global Vision Award recipient. She was set to receive the award on 11 May at the 40th Annual Payroll Congress Awards General Session co-hosted by the American Payroll Association (APA) and GPMI, but was unable to attend due to illness.

Honey was shocked to receive a phone call from GPMI President Dan Maddux on 10 May telling her that she was this year's Global Vision recipient. "I was thrilled, surprised, shocked, and touched," she said. "I had no idea. I am just even more bummed that COVID-19 got in the way of my being there. I literally cried, ran in, and woke up my husband (who also has it) to tell him!"

Honey has more than 30 years of experience in human capital management (HCM) and works closely with corporations around the world. In her role with Neeyamo, Honey is responsible for leading formal and informal partnerships to oversee the global expansion of the company’s strategic partnership and alliance network. Over the course of her career, Honey has gained considerable insight working with companies such as EY, Mercer, Safeguard Global, and Fidelity Investments, which helped make her an expert in the global payroll world. She also has enjoyed overseas assignments in Europe and Australia and has consulted with payroll representatives in dozens of countries where she has provided keen insight on issues that have vastly improved payroll and human resources processes. Honey is also a frequent contributor to the GPMI’s monthly publication, Global Payroll magazine.

"I am beyond humbled to be this year's Global Vision recipient," she said. “The global payroll community is tight; we pretty much all know each other, and the knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and true sense of a community is absolutely amazing. As they say, it takes a village, but in this case, a global village."

Honey said the world has changed significantly over the years, but that global payroll has been working hard to align on a common definition—a goal she said has been achieved.

"I know my colleagues and I are all focused on helping companies identify and overcome the challenges of global payroll,” she said. “Hopefully, my efforts have helped advance that cause just a bit.”

Bryan Kirk is the Senior Writer and Editor of Membership Publications for the GPMI and APA.
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