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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is touching all aspects of service delivery and operations at global organizations, with significant implications for global payroll processing and management. Explore how AI technology is currently transforming global payroll operations.


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Payroll Congress

Join thousands of your colleagues as Payroll Congress brings you world-class payroll education for professionals in U.S and global payroll, tax, finance, global mobility, human resources, and benefits. Attendees will receive crucial payroll updates as well as priceless answers to payroll challenges.


Global Payroll Education

A wide variety of courses and webinars address the issues facing global payroll professionals. Topics include how to have an effective and efficient global payroll operation and country-specific classes.



Ashok Bildikar, Chairman, Managing Director for Neeyamo

He has been instrumental in setting up businesses from the start and nurturing them into a global scale. Read more about his influential career in this continuation of our July 2023 professional spotlight.

What You Need to Know About Payroll in Germany

Learn about how Germany handles payroll, how its culture influences its workforce and labor regulations, and its national holidays.



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