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We are proud to not only support the Global Payroll profession but also recognize and elevate those in the role day-to-day. The Global Vision and Global Payroll Titan Awards do just that; each award recognizes the honoree for their work in the industry ensuring employees around the globe are paid on-time, every time, and most importantly accurately. Please take a moment to view the current honoree for each award as well as those who won in previous years.

Global Vision Award

Our Global Vision Award recognizes a leader in global payroll at a time when the need for global payroll knowledge has soared. The recipient is a recognized global payroll professional in their home country and is actively involved with the organization. The Global Vision Award continues to draw attention to leaders and visionaries in the field of global payroll.

Global Vision Award

Current Honoree

Sheri Sullivan

The 2023 recipient of the Global Vision Award is Sheri Sullivan, Global Payroll Operate Leader with Ernst & Young, LLP. Sheri brings more than 20 years of experience in global payroll and has been instrumental in its growth and expansion working with companies in more than 150 countries leveraging advancements in technology to develop cutting-edge global payroll solutions.

Sheri has also supported PayrollOrg by serving as a moderator for the Payroll Solutions Showcase and as a strategist for the Global Ernst & Young Initiative Survey.

Previous Years' Honorees

Catherine Honey

The 2022 recipient of the Global Vision Award is Catherine Honey, Vice President, Global Alliances with Neeyamo. Catherine brings more than 30 years of experience in human capital, working closely with companies worldwide to provide global solutions in human resources and payroll strategy.

Sharon Tayfield

The 2021 recipient of the Global Vision Award is Sharon Tayfield, MCIPP, Director of Global Payroll Services and Global Outsourcing for BDO U.K. LLP. Sharon has more than 25 years of global payroll experience with technical knowledge and experience in global compliance and legislation.

Fidelma McGuirk, Global Vision Award Winner

The 2020 recipient of the Global Vision Award is Fidelma McGuirk, founder and CEO of automation technology company, Payslip. Fidelma has 20+ years experience scaling international business and leading multi-national teams, Global HR & IT functions.

rubiano headshot

The 2019 recipient of the Global Vision Award is Kira Rubiano, Customer Engagement Director, US, at immedis. Kira’s #Passionforpayroll is exceptional and only equaled by her global payroll knowledge!

award winner

The 2018 recipient of the Global Vision Award is Max van der Klis-Busink, RPP, Payroll Manager Netherlands, Shell International BV. Max specializes in building payroll compliance models that adapt to ever-changing business needs.

Global Titan Award

The Global Payroll Titan Award was initiated in 2020 to highlight and recognize the everyday global payroll professional who is doing extraordinary work. These professionals will be chosen by their peers based on the answers they have provided to questions surrounding projects they have led or participated in, leading to a significant change in how payroll is processed globally within their own businesses. Visit the official award page for more details.


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Current Honoree


The 2024 recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award is Priti Rughani, CPP. Priti is the Associate Director of Global Payroll at King & Spalding and the President of the Greater Atlanta Payroll Association Chapter of PayrollOrg. Priti is a dedicated and experienced payroll professional with more than 25 years of experience. She leverages her experience to help organizations deliver and manage multicounty payroll in effective and innovative ways.

Previous Years' Honorees

Shakil Gour

The 2023 recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award is Shakil Gour, Vice President and Head of Global Payroll Product for Neeyamo. Shakil oversees a team of 500+ payroll professionals and implements comprehensive training programs to promote a culture of continual development. He has managed delivery for customers across 120+ countries.


The 2022 recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award is Mohita Awasthee, CPP. Mohita is a Senior Manager of Payroll, APAC & Africa, at Amazon and has more than 18 years of experience. Mohita has led several high impact projects for process improvement, including development and implementation for next gen product solutions, product automation, and Robotic Process Automation.

Davida Lara, CPP

The 2021 recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award is Davida Lara, CPP. Davida is the Executive Vice President of Payroll Services at Entertainment Partners. Davida has gained extensive expertise developing systems, process automation, and training personnel. She has led initiatives involving international assignment policies and global mobility.

Sharon Tayfield

The 2020 recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award is Sharon Tayfield. Sharon is the Global Payroll Operations Director for BDO LLP with over 25 years of experience. Sharon was nominated by a colleague for her dedication to the global payroll industry and her expansive knowledge of global compliance and legislation