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Vendor News

Industry developments from the global payroll vendor and research community.

1472638615_61348Mint Middle East Launches Hafed

Mint Middle East LLC has launched the Hafed payroll program. The program is supported by the issuance of the first EMV contactless, chip-based UnionPay International salary cards in the United Arab Emirates. Hafed extends the security and benefits of Wage Protection System program salary cards to its beneficiaries. It also provides, according to the company, improved experience to its card holders by offering best in-class e-commerce, financial, banking, and insurance services.

“We are committed to harnessing technology and timely feedback in devising unparalleled products and services for our customers,” said Abdul Razzak Al Abdullah, Chairman of Mint.

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1472638456_19913SD Worx Welcomes F2A to Payroll Services Alliance

F2A, Italian leader in the field of administration and human resources management, recently joined the Payroll Services Alliance, a strategic network of providers of payroll services. F2A offers services and advice in the areas of administration, personnel, and management of outsourcing on the Italian market. Founded in 2010 by SD Worx and Aditro, Payroll Service Alliance is composed of main payroll services companies that have joined forces to offer a coherent multinational payroll and related solutions.

“We are very pleased to welcome F2A, an Italian actor of foreground, within the Payroll Service Alliance,” said Steven Van Hoorebeke, CEO of the SD Worx Group and Co-Founder of the Payroll Services Alliance. “Extended collaboration allows all members to individually secure their international footprint and their growth, but, of course, we were also reinforcing the Alliance’s position on the world market of payroll services.”

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iiPay Delivers Global Gross-to-Net Payroll Capabilities 1485878143_39849

Integrated International Payroll (iiPay) announced global gross-to-net payroll capabilities as part of its cloud-based payroll services. These capabilities offer multinational customers a comprehensive view of payroll operations around the world, improved data reporting, analysis, and greater accuracy and efficiency. iiPay’s technology is a fully integrated global payroll solution and supports payroll management and reporting across multiple countries. System features, according to the company, include in-house payroll processing in more than 20 countries, support for more than 20 languages and currencies, global unified payroll reporting, global integration with human resources management systems, and automated feeds to general ledger.

“Global gross-to-net means greater speed, consistency, accuracy, efficiency, and compliance for multi-national companies,” said Robert Foster, iiPay CEO. “The real benefit for customers is that it gives them a holistic view of their payroll operations and the ability to manage them effectively on a global scale, even as their business grows and changes.”

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