Professional Spotlight


Meet Cyndi Miller, CPP, Director of Global Payroll, Webflow, Inc.

Learn about Miller's proven track record for improving operations to ensure compliance, and read her advice for companies looking into global expansion and what qualities are important for being an effective leader.

Global Payroll Education


Global Education Calendar

Happy New Year! Discover what global educational classes, workshops, and events PayrollOrg has scheduled for 2024.

Professional Spotlight


Meet Tartanjulia North, CEO and Founder of ElitePay Consulting

Tartanjulia North has overseen the global payroll process for Peloton, Ceva Logistics, United Airlines, and WorleyParsons. Her proficiency extends across Singapore, Paris, the Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Ireland, and Malaysia.



The Impact New U.K. Bills Could Have on Payroll

Several new bills have been passed in the U.K. that will enact change across a range of topics and issues. Learn how these bills can impact payroll and issues such as paternity leave, employment, pensions, and more.



Payroll’s Untapped Potential

Business adapted significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how payroll practices and working methods have changed and what global payroll pros say they want to see change next.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Mexico

Learn how Mexico's rich culture and growing economy has experts recognizing it as an emerging power. Also, learn about Mexico's labor code, unique tax categories, benefits, and holidays.



How AI Revolutionizes Global Payroll Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changing innovation in today's interconnected global workforce. Learn how AI is transforming the global payroll management landscape by making it more efficient, accurate, and compliant.



Workshop Helps Navigate Cross Cultural Differences, Championing Culture

Learn about culture champions within the workplace, the "Eight Scales of Culture," and how payroll leaders are in unique positions to inspire cultural change.

Professional Spotlight


Meet Bee Teo, Senior Global Payroll Manager for Gensler

Bee Teo leads the global payroll operation for Gensler's 53 locations across the world. Her focus is to help companies define their long-term vision with a clear roadmap.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Spain

Learn about Spain's labor code and collective bargaining agreements, social security contributions, and annual holidays.
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