U.K. Payroll Industry a Rollercoaster Ride This Year

Let’s explore some of the changes the payroll profession has recently been exposed to in the U.K.



The Changing Nature of the Payroll Professional

While technology is important, it is more often an enabler that payroll professionals can use to drive disruption and better business outcomes.

Professional Spotlight

MicrosoftTeams-image (13)

Meet Emilia Faz, Senior Manager of Global Payroll for Etsy

See why Faz believes the most prominent trend in global payroll is mobility, why transparency in leadership is so important to her, and why she says maneuvering cultural differences and pay components are her biggest professional challenges.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Colombia

Learn about the South American country's primary labor law—El Código Sustantivo del Trabajo, the five types of employment contracts Colombia provides, and what foreign workers need to do to be granted a work permit or visa.



Why Global Teams Are Smarter Teams

Learn what a "brain hub" is and how it used to be the place companies could build the most successful global teams in the business. Also, see why remote virtual teams have started to outperform in-person teams in making breakthrough discoveries.

Professional Spotlight

Rohit Mathur

Meet Rohit Mathur, CEO of the HR and Payroll Business Unit for Ramco Systems

See why Mathur believes the advent of technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence(AI) are necessary in payroll processing and why analytical skills are a must have in the industry.



Expanding Geographies Through an Inverted Payroll Pyramid

How can payroll professionals move up the value chain and contribute to their company's overall business strategy? Learn how following an inverted payroll pyramid can offer the flexibility needed for a modern payroll platform.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Ethiopia

Learn about the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s regular working hours and overtime regulations, how the Council of Ministers outlines taxable fringe benefits, and what kind of severance pay employees are entitled to if they are terminated.


AI Feature

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Improve Global Payroll Management

Find out six ways AI and ML can improve global payroll management, including data integration, process optimization, and anomaly detection, which enables organizations to identify anomalies by using algorithms without any manual intervention.



Understanding How Pensioners Are Paid Through Payroll

There are several things one must consider when running a pensioner payroll. Oftentimes, these additional people will need to be regularly reviewed, which includes having robust monitoring controls in place to ensure overpayments are not overlooked.

Professional Spotlight


Meet Suzann Schroepfer, Industry Sales Executive and Global Payroll Consultant

See what Schroepfer’s go-to strategic choices are for risk management and compliance, why companies need to focus on the “great retention,” and why she believes “knowing thyself” is the most important part of any global transformation.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Hungary

Learn how the central European country’s labor code relates to compensation and benefits policies and practices, what information employees must give to the National Tax Authority (NAV).
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