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Neeyamo Executive Dreams of Real-Time Payroll

By Kerry Cole

Just as photography and communication methods have gone from long, slow processes to real-time availability, it is not out of the question to think that technology can put global payroll on a path to real-time delivery, a Neeyamo executive said in the GPMI webinar “NXTGEN: Global Payroll.”

As part of last year’s Global Payroll Week, Neeyamo’s Head of Customer Success Guhan Ramanan explained his vision for what next-generation global payroll can look like.

“Imagine being in the forefront of leveraging technology, innovation, imagination, and ingenuity, and applying new-age breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and developments in data science to transform the way global payroll operates in today’s context—making it ready for tomorrow,” Neeyamo said in promoting the webinar, which is available on demand on the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) website.

Ramanan compared the possibilities in global payroll to Hyperloop, a proposed super-speed transportation system in the testing phase.

“How can we remove technology as a barrier to making payroll real-time?” he asked. “How soon can we get to real-time payroll?”

He noted that payroll laws are changing around the world almost daily.

“You want to make sure that the system you’re using in some shape or form is compliant with all of those changes and compliant with all of the regulatory requirements around reporting and data extraction,” he said. “Being able to run off a single platform is what gives you the ability to call it a global payroll.”

He discussed inefficiencies in today’s global payroll systems such as manual payroll input, aggregation or date re-entry from multiple sources, manual batch processing, and use of legacy platforms.

His solutions for those inefficiencies include:

  • Scalability as a future-ready cloud solution
  • Multi-lingual helpdesk support
  • Flexibility for integration
  • Global dashboard functionality
  • Process feedback tracked within the system

“When people have been around the payroll block, they know if they can get the input streamlined, cleaner, and don’t have to do so many go-betweens, their payroll life would be a lot easier,” he said.

Ramanan specializes in setting up and leading HR and payroll service delivery organizations for global customers across multiple locations. His webinar audience included payroll professionals from the United States, U.K., the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, India, Canada, and Ireland.

To learn more, watch the webinar available on-demand on the GPMI website. Also, watch for more information to come on this year’s Global Payroll Week.

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Kerry Cole is Senior Editor for the Membership Publications at the American Payroll Association (APA) and GPMI.