Adding New Countries to Your Global Payroll

Payroll technology varies widely from country to country, depending on the requirements for each region.



Leave of Absence Series—Part 1: From an Employee's Perspective

In this four-part series, consider an employee’s leave of absence from different perspectives. What is the difference between leave of absence and time off, and how can companies support employees during the leave period.



Find Tech Innovation at Next Payroll Solutions Showcase

Discover the future of pay at the 3rd Annual Payroll Solutions Showcase (PSS), 2-3 March. PSS is a free, virtual event geared to U.S. and global payroll industry service providers and companies with payroll and HR technology needs.

Professional Spotlight


Meet Bevan Carr, Chief Financial Officer and Founding Shareholder of the Employ Africa Group

See why Carr thinks expanding into Africa may be difficult for companies coming from more advanced economies; why hiscompany has a single trusted partner in each country; and why business in Africa is not for the faint of heart.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a highly developed territory and ranks fourth on the UN Human Development Index. Find out when an employee’s severance pay is mandatory, how sick pay works, and why a local sponsor is necessary for an employment visa.



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