Understanding Key Aspects of Global Payroll Transformation

Global payroll is increasingly a focal discussion at the board level with a drive to ensure compliance to keep risk profile low. So where do you start with global payroll assessment and transformation?


GPRTalent Horz

Mastering Global Payroll Recruitment, Retention: A Strategic Guide—Part 1

Top payroll talent is in high demand. Learn the intricacies of global recruitment, how to build your brand to attract top-tier industry professionals, and what it takes to retain that workforce from competition.

Global Payroll Education


February Global Education Calendar

Discover what global educational classes, workshops, and events PayrollOrg has scheduled for 2024.

Professional Spotlight

Lara Smart

Meet Lara Smart, Chartered FCIPPdip, BA (Hons), Consultant Director, Founder of LSC Group

Lara Smart, CHFCIPPdip, BA (Hons), has made a career leading HR and payroll transformation projects and programs. Learn about her experience leading startups and acquisitions and her insight into what the future holds for the HR and payroll industry.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in China

The Chinese economy is the second largest in the world and a global leader in technology and innovation. Learn about the country's labor code, how it handles foreign hires, its national holidays, and more.