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First Global Payroll Week Celebrates Spirit of Globalization

By Brandy Gaskins

The Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) launched the inaugural Global Payroll Week (GPW), 30 April-4 May. The successful weeklong event was dedicated to increasing global payroll professionals’ skill level through daily education, training, and networking opportunities.

The concept of a worldwide celebration of payroll was inspired by GPMI’s collaboration on a 2017 International Payroll Week with Neeyamo, a premier global provider of human resources outsourcing (HRO) services for multinationals. Neeyamo’s staff, based primarily in India, spent the week spreading industry awareness and promoting global payroll best practices.

“We are elated to be witnessing the concept of a Global Payroll Week grow from a corner-room discussion I had with [GPMI’s Global Director of Strategy, Development, and Training] Mary Holland into its new form with GPMI at the helm,” said Samuel Isaac, Vice President of Marketing at Neeyamo. “Global Payroll Week will provide a platform to highlight accomplishments in the global payroll arena, recognize individuals and institutions making a dent in this universe, and simply celebrate the spirit of globalization.”

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Global Payroll Education

Education was a cornerstone mission of the GPW event. During the week, the global payroll community had the opportunity to attend three free educational webinars hosted by GPMI and GPW program supporters.

The week kicked off with the “Global Payroll NXT Gen” webinar presented by Guhan Ramanan, Head of Customer Success at Neeyamo. The webinar got GPW started on a high note with the outstanding participation of 688 attendees representing 16 countries. Attendees were enlightened on how innovation and technology can revolutionize global payroll both for themselves and their company.

The second webinar of the week, “Exclusive Market Overview of Payroll Services” was presented by NelsonHall and had more than 600 attendees representing 15 countries. The webinar was based on NelsonHall’s latest Next Generation Payroll Services market analysis and provided attendees with an overview of the current trends and future expectations of the payroll market.

GPW’s global payroll education opportunities came to a close on Friday with a final webinar “Interested in Taking Your Career to a Global Level?” presentation by Holland and Nicole Smith, M.Ed., CDBC, Director oF Instructional Design and Learning Development at GPMI. This webinar focused on the core skills needed to transition into a global career path and had 447 attendees representing 11 countries.

If you were unable to attend the live presentations, all GPW webinars are available on demand through GPMI’s online education platform.

Inside_July 2018 GPR_GPWFeature2 Industry Insight Through Survey Participation

GPMI hosted the “Getting the World Paid” survey in honor of GPW as a tool to gauge industry trends in the rapidly evolving global payroll landscape. More than 430 global payroll professionals participated in the survey and shared their insights on topics such as long tail countries, standardization, service providers, data accuracy, and more.

Results from the survey will be discussed during a free webinar from GPMI later this year.

Social Media Impact

Social media was an extremely popular way for the international payroll community to participate with GPW festivities online and spread the reach of the GPW campaign. Multiple daily messages were shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram using the event hashtag #GlobalPayWeek.

The GPMI’s social media accounts shared exclusive infographics, informational highlights from GPW webinars, and more with followers throughout the week.

In total, GPW related messaging and the #GlobalPayWeek event hashtag reached an audience of more than 200,000.

Fourteen vendors supported GPW with links directing followers back to the GPMI website from posts in various social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn:

Inside_July 2018 GPR_GPWFeature3
1. activpayroll
2. Bloomberg Tax
3. Celergo
4. FMP Global
5. Global Chambers
6. iiPay
7. Immedis
8. Kronos
9. Neeyamo
10. NelsonHall
11. Payslip
12. Replicon
13. Spencer-Thomas Group
14. Ultimate Software

In addition, a special #GlobalPaynews payroll chat was conducted on Twitter during the Thursday of GPW with program supporter Neeyamo. During the hour-long online discussion, subject matter experts from Neeyamo and GPMI provided insight on the payroll operation challenges of expanding globally. The chat garnered approximately 336 tweets and 206 “like” tweets among the 26 participants in the chat.

The success of GPW was made possible thanks to the support of payroll professionals and payroll providers around the globe and 2018 Program Supporters Neeyamo and NelsonHall. Save the date for the 2019 Global Payroll Week, 29 April-3 May.

“Global payroll is a rapidly growing and evolving industry,” said Dan Maddux, President of GPMI. “At GPMI, we recognize a rising demand to celebrate and educate this expanding profession.”



Brandy Gaskins is the Public Relations and Social Media Specialist for the American Payroll Association (APA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI).