Rise Up, Payroll Managers—Leave Weight of Manual Tasks to Automation

When looking at three parts of the global payroll process, include collecting the data, calculating the payroll, and executing payouts, the first part—data collection—is clearly the one that is ripe for automation potential.



How to Apply Technology, Technique to Global Payroll Operations

Don’t be left behind as the advancement of technologycontinues to develop new systems, devices, and tools in theglobal payroll sector. Recently, there has been a desire toleverage other payroll data for a myriad of uses in anemployer’s organization.

Professional Spotlight


Meet Pete A. Tiliakos, Global Payroll Product Strategy Leader at Alight Solutions

See why Tiliakos said global payroll has evolved to become a key element in the employee experience and why a “partner” is more important than a “provider" when searching for a new vendor.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Italy

Do you want to start a company in Italy? Learn which authorities you need to register with to establish an entity, including the Institute Nazionale Previdenza Social (INPS) and Ministero del lavoro e delle politiche sociali.



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