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GPMI Travels to the Netherlands to Educate, Motivate

By Felicia DeInnocentiis

The Netherlands Institute for Registry Payroll Accounting (NIRPA) held its Annual Congress September 12 in Utrecht, Netherlands. More than 450 registered Dutch payroll professionals attended sessions that covered various educational topics for certification hours as well as networking opportunities.

Mary Holland, CPP, GPMI’s Global Director of Strategy, Development, and Training, was invited to speak on behalf of the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) and the American Payroll Association (APA). As part of “Payroll in the Netherlands,” a one-day conference held during NIRPA’s Annual Congress, Holland shared information with attendees about the APA’s certificate programs and GPMI’s free subscriber-based community and the global education it provides.

“Even though the conference was all in Dutch, I could understand (through an interpreter) that they have the same challenges we face in the U.S.,” Holland said. “They have to keep up with taxation changes and changes to pension and benefit programs, partner with HR, legal, and the business, be strategic leaders in their organization, and know the importance of networking opportunities.”

Marcel van der Sluis, Managing Director of NIRPA, said Holland was a lively presenter who was well received regarding international payroll education. 

“It was very interesting that Mary concluded that payroll professionals in the U.S. and in the Netherlands have many common challenges for the future,” van der Sluis said. “Education is crucial in your professional career and needs continuous focus. All in all, it was good to hear that regardless of the different cultures, these priorities are similar.”

Max van der Klis-Busink, Registered Payroll Professional (RPP) and Payroll Manager at Shell International headquarters, said Holland was clear and motivational.

“I have learned that payroll professionals in the Netherlands and in the U.S., are more alike than I initially thought,” van der Klis-Busink said. “We educate ourselves, must stay on top of constantly changing legislation, and fight for that seat at the table. We can learn so much from each other, and that doesn’t stop at the border of a country.” 

FeliciaDeinnocentiisFelicia DeInnocentiis is the Editorial Assistant for the American Payroll Association and for the Global Payroll Management Institute. She graduated Texas State University with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Journalism.