AI Feature

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Improve Global Payroll Management

Find out six ways AI and ML can improve global payroll management, including data integration, process optimization, and anomaly detection, which enables organizations to identify anomalies by using algorithms without any manual intervention.



Understanding How Pensioners Are Paid Through Payroll

There are several things one must consider when running a pensioner payroll. Oftentimes, these additional people will need to be regularly reviewed, which includes having robust monitoring controls in place to ensure overpayments are not overlooked.

Professional Spotlight


Meet Suzann Schroepfer, Industry Sales Executive and Global Payroll Consultant

See what Schroepfer’s go-to strategic choices are for risk management and compliance, why companies need to focus on the “great retention,” and why she believes “knowing thyself” is the most important part of any global transformation.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Hungary

Learn how the central European country’s labor code relates to compensation and benefits policies and practices, what information employees must give to the National Tax Authority (NAV).