October 2022

Vendor News—October 2022


Certino Named Shadow Payroll Platform for Vialto Partners

Certino has been named by Vialto Partners as its provider of shadow payroll automation technology. Vialto, an independent provider of services supporting cross-border employee mobility, selected Certino for the scale, security, and simplicity of its solution.

Shadow payroll enables employers to meet host country payroll tax payments and reporting obligations when their employees are working abroad. Covering 93 jurisdictions and due to grow more soon, Certino, according to the company, is the most comprehensive shadow payroll solution available. The addition of Certino to the Vialto digital platform will enable clients to reduce the process from days—or even weeks—to seconds. 

“To be chosen as the first and only shadow payroll provider to Vialto is a huge compliment to our team and our product,” said Richard McBride, CEO of Certino. “Our goal is to bring unrivalled accuracy and speed to Vialto’s new business, and we look forward to delivering an enhanced customer experience to all current and future clients. The partnership provides the opportunity to drive more value for clients by providing an end-to-end tax compliance experience through one single, sophisticated digital platform.”

Visit www.certino.com for more information.  


Apple Bank Provides Financial Services to Ukrainian Nationals

Apple Bank announced that Ukrainian nationals who have recently arrived in the New York City area and hope to access financial services are now eligible to open an account with the bank. This provides them with access to the fundamental banking services needed to pay bills, make payments, withdraw money, and establish payroll direct deposit.

According to the company, for many Ukrainian refugees arriving in the United States, accessing basic financial services often comes with considerable difficulties. Apple Bank recognizes the importance of helping people and families rebuild their lives by providing them with critical financial solutions.

“We’re proud of our local community involvement, delivering services that are essential for our customers to be able to control their finances and access greater opportunities,” said Steven C. Bush, Apple Bank Chairman, President, and CEO. “Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we are committed to helping ease the transition for Ukrainian nationals moving to New York and are grateful for Hebrew Free Loan Society’s partnership.”

Visit www.applebank.com for more information.


Neeyamo Achieves ISO 27017, ISO 27018 Certifications

Neeyamo, a provider of global payroll and employer of record (EOR) services, announced that it is an ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified organization.

An ISO 27017 certification demonstrates the organization’s ability to provide security controls for cloud services. An ISO 27018 certification establishes the measures to be taken in the public cloud computing environment in accordance with the privacy principles.

Through these certifications, Neeyamo’s system and its processes, including data, are subject to stringent security and privacy standards when operating in an industry as sensitive as payroll. The new certification milestone reinforces Neeyamo’s commitment to take all necessary steps to ensure the highest level of protection for employee data processed on a secured cloud-based technology.

“As a leading technology-enabled global payroll and EOR solutions provider, we are cautious about implementing the right controls at the right time,” said Sachin Kawalker, Chief Information Security Officer and Global Head of Information Security and Quality at Neeyamo. “The addition of our ISO 27017 and 27018 certifications to our existing portfolio should boost the confidence of all our customers and assure them that we operate with the highest standards of services.”

Visit www.neeyamo.com for more information.

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