Maximizing the Value of Payroll, HCM Systems Integration

There is compelling business value when integrating human capital management (HCM) and payroll systems to optimize human resources (HR) operations.



Workshop Explores the Journey From Global Payroll Exploration to Implementation

Sharon Tayfield and Neil Pinches delivered an engaging seminar at this year's Payroll Congress in Denver. Gain insight from industry experts on the topics of global client onboarding, project management, and more.



Importance of Understanding Global Legal Terminology, Structures

Understanding terminology and legal structures across different jurisdictions is essential for compliance and operational success in global payroll. Learn how to navigate these crucial variations.

Professional Spotlight

Ashok Bildikar Pt2

Meet Ashok Bildikar, Chairman, Managing Director for Neeyamo—Part 2

Ashok Bildikar has been instrumental in setting up businesses from the start and nurturing them into a global scale. Read more about his influential career in this continuation of our July 2023 professional spotlight.

Country Spotlight


What You Need to Know About Payroll in Germany

Learn about how Germany handles payroll, how its culture influences its workforce and labor regulations, and its national holidays.